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Sin El Fil, Opposite Mirna Chalouhi bldg.
Parallel Towers, Bloc B, Floors 12-13-14
P.O. Box 17-5040 - Beirut – Lebanon
Tel. +961 1 48 22 11

Fax. +961 1 48 22 24

Email: exhibitions.lebanon@bcclogistics.com

Arrival Dates: Failure to comply with the latest shipping dates below could result in non-arrival or late delivery of Exhibits.

Deadlines of:

- Shipment arriving by Sea Freight to Beirut Port: 10 working days prior to the Show.

- Shipment arriving by Airfreight to Beirut Airport: 7 working days prior to the Show.


It is obligatory that all exhibitors at this event are insured. North Assurance SAL is the official insurer of the Exhibition and offers all exhibitors specially negotiated pricing on coverage required for participation at the show.

North Assurance sal

Contact Person: Mr. Georges Khoury
Tel: +961 1 511995
Fax: +961 1 511996
Email: info@northassurance.com

All stand fitting contractors must hold an appropriate public liability insurance policy. 

The Organizers themselves, their servants or agents shall not be liable for the safety of Exhibitors, their servants, agents, contractors, or invitees during the Exhibition, or for any articles of any kind brought into the Exhibition by the Exhibitors, their servants, agents or contractors, invitees or members of the public.

Exhibitors shall make sure that they are fully covered by insurance, including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles or any kind of public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by any circumstances, whatsoever, whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause.

The period for which such insurance will be maintained, shall run from the time the Exhibitor, or any of his servants, agents, or contractors, first enters the Exhibition grounds up until all his exhibits and property have been removed.

The Exhibitor shall insure against, indemnify and hold the Organizers harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which the Organizers may in any way be subject to as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person (including members of the public, the organizers’ staff, agents or contractors) or property, no matter how caused as a result of any act of default of the Exhibitor, his servants, agents, contractors or invitees.