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General Information


A Hot Spot for Foreign Direct Investment

Lebanon has a free-market economy and a liberal financial environment making it an attractive destination for developments and initiatives. Over the past 3 years, the country maintained steady growth averaging 7.5% annually, due to a resilient economy favoring foreign direct investments.

The Lebanese economy is largely service-oriented and the main growth sectors include banking and tourism. The Lebanese private sector is a well-diversified sector that covers the totality of economic sectors and is a major pillar for growth and recovery, contributing around 75% of aggregate demand. The Lebanese economy is also a typical open economy with a large banking sector equivalent to more than 2.5 times its economic sector and providing an important support to aggregate demand.

With a strong market potential and an increased demand for new infrastructure and tourism projects, the country is bursting with opportunities and developments. Lebanon's  diversified geography and attractive investment environment has established the country as the region’s ultimate hot spot for tourism, construction and development with an impressive number of multi-million projects. 

As the main Middle Eastern port on the Mediterranean, Lebanon is also the gateway to neighboring countries in the Levant to reach out to the rest of the world and interact with their peers across different industries.